BUILT STRONG AND SECURE Integrated concrete building systems are ideal for utility and industrial applications offering unsurpassed strength and
competitive pricing.
Customized to Meet Your Requirements Concrete communication shelters can be designed and integrated for a wide range of applications, while providing the
fast-track schedules our customers demand.
Ballistic Protection Meets Beauty Customized concrete wall systems designs manufactured for strength, ballistic protection and aesthetics. Level 4, Level 8, and
Level 9 bullet protection is available in a variety of finishes.
Durability and Vandal Resistance Pre-fabricated building systems are ideal for public facilities prone to abuse. Concrete restroom facilities meet this challenge. When Strength Really Matters Trust our FEMA361 / ICC500 compliant concrete storm shelters to keep your employees, students, and community safe during
the storm.
Customized Fire Protection Pre-fabricated concrete fire wall systems are availble in 2 hour and 4 hour fire ratings. This is an ideal solution for protective
applications with the added attributes of sound attenuation and ballistic protection.
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